Caroline Minjolle

Curator: Daniel Blochwitz

Exhibition Venue: Stadtmuseum Aarau

Dates: 4 September  – 03 October 2021

Since 1995, the French photographer Caroline Minjolle, who lives in Switzerland, has photographed first one and then two sons during a regular rendez-vous. Staging, collaboration, free play. The small private happiness shimmers through in every shot here. These are moments that would not have existed without the project and could thus become part of three lives. So they also tell of all that took place outside the picture frame and the actual exposure time. This anchors the pictures in memories that belong only to these three – souvenirs from another time, of which we as viewers know nothing, can know nothing and should know nothing. We, on the other hand, associate our own experiences with the photos and what we recognise in them. A different film is running in our heads. And yet it is no less emotionally charged and deeply personal than the memories of Caroline, Merlin and Basil linked to the pictures. We find ourselves again without having to recognise ourselves in the faces on the photos.

Caroline Minjolle set herself strict deadlines for this series of pictures: monthly and always as a black and white photo in the square format of her 6×6 camera. This routine recurrence created the creative space, similar to the rituals of our everyday life, which then fill with life differently and anew every day. The result of 25 years of ritualised “rendez-vous” is now collected in a photo book of the same name and it is on display at the Fotofestival Lenzurg.

The book Rendez-Vous can be purchased online at

Exhibition venue:

Stadtmuseum Aarau, Schlosspl. 23, 5000 Aarau